Construction And Exploration Of Meishuo Digital Factory

 On July 16, 2021, Mr. Shenghua He, Ph.D. in Innovation Leading Engineering from Tsinghua University and the founder of Ningbo Shuyi Industry Federation, was invited to bring a training session on "Today and Future of Digital Factory" for Meishuo Electric.

    The digitalization process is a transformational process. The Shuyi Federation of Industry and Commerce provided a powerful boost for the transformation and upgrading of the digital factory of Meishuo. Among them, Mr. Shenghua He introduced the standardized templates and functions designed for Meishuo. Through comprehensive digital planning, the integration of daily management and digitalization and the transparency of the production process will be realized, which will bring realizable benefits such as digital error-proofing, quality monitoring, and improvement of comprehensive equipment efficiency to Meishuo.