Advices to keep you safe from the COV-19

Advices to keep you safe from the COV-19

As the epidemic situation is still serious all around the world.

We'd like to share you with some advices which we get it from our own experiences, and hope these would be of help to keep you and people around you safe from it.

1. Always with a mask on, especially in public areas.
2. Try not to visit areas that may have risk of infection.
3. Take care of your health. Whenever you or people around you get a fever, coughing, running nose, wear a mask and find a doctor.
4. Wash or disinfect your hand after touching things outside.
5. Try not to go to parties by now.
6. Measure the body temperature of you and your co-workers everyday, make sure everyone is in good health.
7. Apply disinfection in work area, restaurants, toilets and other key areas, and door handles, elevator buttons and other public facilities.
8. Reduce staff group activities, staggered rush hour plan or work from home, video conference or telephone conference is advocated. 

Hope everything would be back to normal and be better soon.

And pls do let us know if anything we could do to help.