Tips for keeping warm in autumn

Tips for keeping warm in autumn

Facing the sudden drop in temperature, this is the season when we need to keep warm. What should we do?

1. In autumn, the temperature changes drastically in the morning and evening. Don't be greedy for cold. If the night temperature is low, cover the bedding to avoid the cold. Do not wear too thick clothes during the day to avoid cold. When the temperature is high, you should pay attention to the cold and heat preservation of your hands, feet, head and face when you go out to prevent frostbite.  

2. Comfortable environment: The indoor temperature and humidity should be appropriate; the room temperature should be kept between 22-28 degrees Celsius, and the humidity should be around 50%-60%. Keep indoor air circulated and fresh, and attention should be paid to prevent gas poisoning from coal-fired indoor heating.  

3. Sufficient sleep: Early to bed and early to rise in autumn, and early to bed and late to rise in winter. Usually 8-9 hours of sleep, the elderly can appropriately increase, such as lack of sleep at night, can insist on nap for 1 hour; but not too much sleep. Pay attention to cold and warm during sleep, avoid the invasion of cold wind, cause colds, respiratory system, gynecological diseases and other diseases. Avoid falling asleep with your head covered and open small transoms for ventilation.  

4. Skin care: keep the skin moisturized and take a bath scientifically; pay attention to skin cleanliness in early autumn to prevent infection. The climate is dry in autumn and winter and the temperature is low. Avoid bathing too often, hot water, and heavy rubbing. Avoid bathing liquid that is too alkaline , Otherwise the skin will be drier, prone to itching and chapped. Glycerin body lotion can be applied after bath.

5. Pay attention to physical exercise: Adhere to moderate physical exercise in autumn and winter, not only can regulate lung qi, improve the function of lung organs, but also help enhance the immune function of various tissues and organs and the body's ability to resist external cold stimulation.