Automotive relay storage environment

Automotive relay storage environment


Avoid direct sunlight and keep normal temperature, humidity and pressure; temperature: 10℃~35℃ humidity: 5~85%RH air pressure: 86~106kPa

In a high temperature and high humidity environment, when the ambient temperature changes sharply, condensation may form inside the relay. In particular, condensation is prone to occur when shipping by ship, so please pay attention to the transportation environment. Condensation is the phenomenon in which water vapor condenses and turns into water droplets when the temperature changes rapidly from high temperature to low temperature in a high temperature and high humidity environment or rapidly changes from a low temperature to a high temperature and high humidity environment. Condensation can cause insulation degradation, coil corrosion, disconnection, rust, etc.

Low temperature icing: In dew and high humidity environments, when moisture is attached to the relay, moisture freezes when the temperature drops below the freezing point. Icing may cause adhesion of movable parts, delayed action, or intervening ice cubes between the contacts, causing the contacts to malfunction.

In low temperature and low humidity environments, plastics may become brittle.

When stored for a long time in a high temperature, high humidity and environment containing organic gas and sulfide gas, sulfide film and oxide film will be formed on the surface of the contact, resulting in unstable contact and contact failure. Please pay attention to the packaging form to minimize the influence of humidity, organic gas, sulfide gas, etc.

The relay should be stored and installed in a clean environment. Please use a dust cover or plastic-encapsulated relay in an environment with dust pollution.

Attention should be paid to monitor the storage temperature and try to avoid excessive storage time of the relay.

Storage and transportation stress: During transportation, if a large drop impact is applied to the relay, it may cause functional failure. Please pay attention to whether the appearance of the packaging equipment is complete. The relay is packaged in a long tube. When the number of relays is small, if the limit is missing, it will slip and affect the appearance and characteristics of the relay. Pay special attention.