Advantages and functions of Latching relay

Advantages and functions of Latching relay


The latching relay is a new type of relay, which uses magnetic principles to control the opening and closing of the circuit. Its normally open and normally closed states are completely made of permanent magnet steel, and the switch state conversion is completed according to the trigger of a pulse signal of a certain width.


1. Small size, high switching power, low power consumption

2. The coil is driven by instantaneous pulse without heating

3. Stable permanent magnet, save energy

4. High contact pressure, low contact resistance, stable and reliable work, anti-vibration, anti-shock.

5. Using manganese welding, the material temperature coefficient is low, and the structure is compact.


(1) Only need pulse excitation, can work with single coil or double coil

(2) Small size and PCB installation

(3) Low power consumption and strong load capacity

(4) Safe and reliable, long service life

The effect of electromagnetic latching relay:

1. Expand the scope of control. For example, when the control signal of a multi-contact relay reaches a certain value, it can switch, disconnect and connect multiple circuits at the same time according to different forms of contact groups.

2. Zoom in. Such as sensitive relays, intermediate relays, etc., can control high-power circuits with very small control signals.

3. Integrated signal. For example, when many control signals are input to a multi-winding relay in the required form, after comparison and integration, the expected control effect can be achieved.

4. Automatic, remote control, monitoring. For example, other relays and relays of automatic devices can be programmed to control the circuit and then achieve automatic operation.