12V relays used in car parameters

Contact Arrangement

1A, Normally open type

Contact material

Silver Alloy

Voltage Drop(Initial)

Type:50mv, Max, 250mv(at 10A)

Max. Switching Current

NO:40A, NC:30A

Max. Switching Voltage

27 VDC

Electrical lift

100,000 cycles

Mechanical Life

1,000,000 cycles

1 Form C, SPDT type
Dust protected Type and sealed type available
Outline dimensions: 26x26x25.4mm

Dimensions and wiring diagram


Meishuo can provide very stable quality relays with 5PPM , low PPM


Meishuo have customer visiting and attend 4-6 international trade exhibitions every year, In order to keep close contact with the customers,. During and after the exhibitions, we will visit our customer to get more feedback and suggestion .Hope to provide better quality and better services for our customers


Meishuo can provide reliability report for each relay.

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