Contact Form: 1A

Contact material: Sliver Alloy

Max. Switching Current: 30A

Outline dimensions: 23*15.5*25.4mm



has a switching capability of 30A, sealed, with 4pin, 12V, 1 form C, resistor and diode could be provided.

It could be used on the car heater, air conditioners, speed limit signal control, motorcycle alarm system.

Contact Form


Contact material

Sliver Alloy

Max. Switching Current


Max. Switching voltage


Ambient temp.

-40℃ to 85

Outline dimensions


 Electrical Life

1*105 ops

Ordering Information


Outline Dimensions and Bottom View


Wiring Diagram



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The quality of the relay mainly depends on the material and process. Choose a silver contact point to make the working life longer. The movement uses pure copper wire, which has more power and longer service life. If you need to match the oem, you can choose silver contacts with larger grains, which will last longer, but the price will be higher. There are more than 50 kinds of products produced by our factory, including almost all automotive relays. Welcome to consult.


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