Development of MEISHUO Plants & Equipments

Established in 2007, MEISHUO has been providing relays, solenoid valves, cables, sockets, other product and services to customers from over 90 countries.

We've been growing together with our customers.

And also, MEISHUO has developed and updated her plants and equipments for many time.

Let's have a look about it!

MEISHUO 1st generation plants and equipments.jpg

Year 2010 - 2013 would be the first generation

Stand-alone automatic operation, with many operators, and long production cycle.

Equipment operation efficiency: 1800pcs/h

Play the role of freeing hands on behalf of the machine.

MEISHUO 2nd generation plants and equipments.jpg

Year 2013 - 2016 would be the second generation

Automatic connection operation, neat and beautiful,

Equipment operating efficiency is more than 2500pcs/h,

Stable operation to achieve 4 people operating the entire production line,

The production cycle reaches the level of industrial automation within 1h.

MEISHUO 3rd generation plants and equipments.jpg

Year 2017-present would be the third generation

On the basis of the second-generation automated production line, informatization has been added, and 100% autonomous detection such as displacement sensors, laser sensors, and image vision has been introduced. 

It has realized the perfect combination of automation and informatization, greatly reducing on-site manual inspection personnel, and the equipment operation is more reliable and stable under the information management

The operation efficiency is greater than 3000pcs/h.