Cartons loading to the truck

Cartons loading to the truck


It’s another Saturday ordinary afternoon, MEISHUO is still working according to schedule.

And there’s a truck in MEISHUO yard, the employees are loading over 800 cartons to the truck.

That would be one of our customer’s order from America.

Some of which are our company’s relay products, and some are metal parts for vehicles we help purchased from other suppliers.


MEISHUO is a fast growing company with over 13 years’ relay manufacturing experience.

PCB relays and automotive relays are 2 of our main business line.

We’ve been exporting our relays to over 90 countries.


In the meantime, if the customer would like us to help to purchase some other products for them, we could also do that.

For example, we’ve been helping our customers purchasing terminals, auto parts, line fuses, and some connector kits.


If you are looking for some relay products as well as some other products which we don’t product, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We could help you to find a qualified supplier.


Contact us if any other questions.

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