Recyle used garbage plastic bag in MEISHUO

Recyle used garbage plastic bag in MEISHUO


You may find this picture boring. How would someone send out a picture of a garbage bag.

Because of the convenience of using plastic bags and many other advantages, it has become an essential item in our life. 

For example: when we go shopping, we must use shopping bags. Many people also use plastic bags as garbage bags.

But plastic bags bring us not only convenience, but also a lot of white pollution.

The Yellow garbage bag in the picture is our company's plastic parts packaging bag.

Under normal circumstances, these bags may be discarded directly after the goods are transported.

However, MEISHUO collected these bags and recycled them as garbage bags in various offices.

It not only saves unnecessary money, but also avoids the waste of plastic bags and protects the environment.

It embodies the responsibility and responsibility of MEISHUO as an enterprise, as well as its support for environmental protection.