How will new energy vehicles develop in the next 15 years? T

How will new energy vehicles develop in the next 15 years? The latest national plan!

High-quality sustainable development of my country's new energy automobile industry, speeding up the building of a powerful automobile country

01 Electricity is cheaper!

   By 2025, the average power consumption of new pure electric passenger vehicles will drop to 12.0 kWh/100 kilometers.

   Comprehensive use of peak-to-valley electricity prices, preferential policies for new energy vehicle charging, etc., to achieve efficient interaction between new energy vehicles and grid energy, and to reduce the cost of new energy vehicles.

  02 Charging is more convenient!

   Relying on "Internet +" smart energy to improve the level of intelligence,

   Actively promote the charging service model in residential areas with smart and orderly slow charging as the mainstay and emergency fast charging as the supplement.

   Accelerate the formation of a moderately advanced highway and urban and rural public charging network with fast charging as the main and slow charging as the supplement.

   And you know our relays are widely usded in the car,such as car control box,car horn,car light...

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