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Model Number:MSC0606


Body Color:WHITE

Negative Pressure:7.5PSI 0.5Kgf/cm2(50kPa)

FLUID:Air, gas, oil, water, vacuum

Operating temperature:32~140°F 0~60℃

Shape:Equal, Equal

Head Code:Hexagon


Locking Clip:BLUE



1) What is your business line?

4 business lines, PCB relays for household appliances; Automotive Relays for cars usually for OE or Sales-After market; Solenoid valves for water treatment; New product line latching relays for Smart home, smart meter

2) Are you a manufactory or trading company?

We are an export and manufactory in Wenzhou for relays and solenoid valves.

3) What is your marketing position?

Mid-grad or high grade.

4) Who is your target customer?

Our relays belong to the electrical and electronic industry, and are generally used by electrical and electronic related companies. The more closely related ones are PCB factories, household appliances factories, smart home factories, etc.; our water valves can be used in water purifiers and drinking fountains. And beverage machines, related factories are all available

5) Where is your market?

We have customers from all over the world, covered at least 95 countries.

At present our market is mainly concentrated in Europe, America and Southeast Asia

6) Do you have approval of this product?

For relays we have TUV, CQC, UL, RoHS, if you have special requirement, we could help you to make an appliancation.

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